Electrical Shock Proof Helmet

Saviour electrical helmets are designed for protection against accidental falls and protection from falling objects and additional protection from overhead live wires while working on live lines.

  • Material : HDPE material
  • Weight : Not more than 325 gms (approx.)
  • Design : Aerodynamic
  • Size : 520 to 600 mm


  • 4 / 6 point suspension made out of good nylon / pp material.
  • soft PU material sweat band for absorbing sweat while in use.
  • It is provided with a chin strap not more than 19mm in width to hold the helmet in place at the chin side.
  • Both sides of helmets have Night Glow reflective tapes to facilitate night time identification.
  • [Optional : Adjustable chin cup, Ear muffs, face shield, chemical splash goggles, Own lable.]



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