Our PPE Vertical

To have an idea about our range of products, click on below vertical(s) of your choice and have a glimpse of our PPE Range.

Head Protection

In-house Hi-tech (manufacturing facility) . Immediate Delivery and Customization of internals and logo etc. Choice of Basic Shell Materials from HDPE, ABS, FRP etc. 

Eye Protection

Saviour Perscription Eyewear are provided with custom prescription fitted lenses. Saviour welding Screens are Customized with portable fabricated structures to create welding screen cubicle.

Face Protection

Electrical ARC visors and hoods High Heat , Gold Film Coated Visors Universal Visors for any make of helmet.Available in PC, PROP , Acetate, APCP , PETG materials.

Ear Protection

Various services Hearing conservation program Noice mapping Noice dosimeter More than 50 hearing protection solutionson equipment platter Dual Noice Monitoring Unlike classic single channel noice dosimeters.

Respiratory Protection

Complete range of Indigenously Developed ands internationally approved Systems.  Expertise in this field spanning 14 years .More than 5000 Airline systems installed across the country .

Hand Protection

Customized Solution providing as per CAS no of Chemicals ..Team of Experts who provide Expert Guidance in selection . Hand protection survey with cost benefit analysis.

Body Protection

Manufacturing and designing capacity of chemical, fire, heat, electrical, pressure jetting, cryogenic variants.  Access to National & International Testing Labs.  Hazard Specific customization on sizes, textile selection.

Electrical Safety

 HRC 1-4 Electrical Arc Clothing; India’s largest Manuillirr of Electrical Arc Protection Clothing. Electrical Safety Solutions based on practical experience. Customized solutions for electrical pole access used for electrical utilities. We follow IEC, ISO, ASTM, NFPA standards.

Feet Protection

 SSIPL can cater 10000 safety shoes in 24 hours.  SSIPL provides di-electric shoes with 30 Kv insulation. Do you travel frequently by air?Place our shoes on security check?-Use Saviour No Metal Shoes [Saviour Sports Shoes) SSIPL provides composite toe cap which will avoid metal detection while passing through scanner at airports.