Face Shield FG-20

Saviour’ FG-20 Face Shield with Clear Visor comprises of plastic face shield with acrylic visor with brow & chin guard for protection against chemical splash/flying with ratchet type adjustable head gear for ease of movement and adjustment. The head band comes with a crown for extra protection of the Forehead and temples besides a sweat band of soft material for sweat absorption during working. The head band arrangement is swivel type and finds good acceptance for up and down movement when required. The Visor is made up of acrylic Plastic with 100% optical clarity . Face Shield Visor is of high impact resistance and is 2mm thick. Visor comes in size of 9”x 12” which gives maximum safety.

  • It consisting of optically Clear Acrylic Visor attached to bottom with chin guard and top of tough polymer brow guard with polymer rivets.
  • Unique floating ratchet head band suspension for easy head adjustment, supplied.
  • High absorption cushioned sweatband.
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