Cryogenic Gloves

  • Water-repellent silicone cowhide grain leather glove
  • Fully lined with 2 aluminium/fleece layers
  • Gunn cut, winged thumb, crispin type
  • Reinforcement between thumb and index
  • The silicone cowhide grain leather ensures good flexibility, even at a low temperature as well as water repellence and good mechanical protection.
  • Its polar double insulation offers outstanding protection against the cold and rays.
  • The reinforcement between the thumb and index finger increases the glove’s mechanical resistance and durability by strengthening the areas of wear.
  • The hide cuff offers good forearm protection against mechanical hazards and limits any risk of intrusion.


Primary Industries:

  • Oil & Gas
  • All Oxygen Industry
  • Cold Storage
  • Nitrogen Industry

Applications: Handling of cold & cryogenic equipment | Emergency shut off cold storage material handling


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