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Gumboots: The original foot protection

Wellingtons, wellies, rain boots or the more popularly known gumboots are used in various industrial, commercial and medical applications. Along with the purpose of protecting the toe and the leg of the wearer, gumboots also provide excellent insulation and resistance to water, oil, acid & alkali chemicals. Our range of full and half gumboots are seamlessly moulded PVC safety shoes, reinforced with heavy duty cotton lining and anti-skid lug sole. Apart from  tolerating harsh environments, […]

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Inflatable Shelters

In situations of adverse climatic conditions or epidemics / pandemics, wherever evacuation, rescue, or isolation of large masses of people is imminent, there arises an immediate requirement for adaptive, durable and effective deployable shelters for a variety of uses. SAVIOUR Quick Deployable Inflatable Shelters are quick deployed units designed, developed to meet the requirements of emergency responders who require rapid sheltering. The shelters can be setup in minutes and are versatile enough provide any amount […]

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Inflatable Rescue Boat

 For use in operations in lakes, rivers or sea these inflatable boats are made of impermeable, light weight polymer coated fabrics [Rubberized Fabric Standard: ISO 15372:2000 (E)] and are available in a wide range of colors in capacities from 3 to 12 persons. Made with the highest standards of safety our inflatable boat design complies with ISO 6185-3 approved by IRS. Easy to maneuver, Light and portable when inflated or deflated, our boats are a […]

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