In situations of adverse climatic conditions or epidemics / pandemics, wherever evacuation, rescue, or isolation of large masses of people is imminent, there arises an immediate requirement for adaptive, durable and effective deployable shelters for a variety of uses.

  1. SAVIOUR Quick Deployable Inflatable Shelters are quick deployed units designed, developed to meet the requirements of emergency responders who require rapid sheltering. The shelters can be setup in minutes and are versatile enough provide any amount of need based room partitions to create offices / wash rooms / storage areas for military or medical uses.
  2. SAVIOUR Medic Shelters are quick deployable units designed especially to create rapid enclosed medical shelters with or without systems to regulate pressure and temperature as well as protect from any kind of environmental or biochemical agents. These shelters can be fully equipped with any kind of medical facilities for upto 10 or more patients as required.

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